Coffee Shops: Week 1

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Today we celebrate Hudson Hill—an epic combination of good vibes, cozy space, great coffee, and food and cocktails to boot.

What a Monday, friends! A very, very good one. Got up before my alarm, took care of the dogs, immediately got ready (a new thing I’m trying to work into a habit!) and set out for Denver’s 13th Ave. Notable spots on this particular strip of 13th where Hudson Hill claims space: Jelly Cafe, Wax Trax Records, Kilgore Books, and Your Mom’s House. It’s busy with traffic of both the vehicle and foot variety, and once the sun sets, Hudson Hill transforms from bright and airy coffee shop to intimate bar and lounge. I.e., it’s very easy to show up here around 10am and stay late into the evening.

Once I realized the coffee here is MiddleState, I knew it was going to be good. And don’t worry, MiddleState—you’ve got your own feature coming soon, promise. Love u. But yeah. Iced oat milk latte and oat milk cappuccino were both as tasty and caffeinated as I’d hoped they’d be. And did you check out that cup and saucer set? How friggin’ cute is that? So dainty and beautiful.

I started out at the counter but eventually moved to the comfy and newly reupholstered couch at the front of the building by the floor-to-ceiling windows (a prime spot) and settled in. If I’m working and sipping something coffee-y, the hunger pangs don’t usually kick in for a while. But when they did today, I already knew what I was ordering: that toasted baguette with French butter and jam.

And let me just say, holy shit. If I could eat that every morning, I would in a heartbeat. (Damn you, gluten sensitivity.) Every aspect of that plate is special in its own way, from the perfectly buttery and golden-brown baguette toast to the lightly seasoned and not-at-all salty butter to the jam that I’m assuming is made up of several different kinds of berries because I couldn’t seem to pin down just one. Every bite seriously had me imagining myself on a balcony in Paris, absorbing the City of Love and vibing right back.

Generational pause: Is vibing just a word we’re accepting as an actual verb now? It definitely bothers me but I’m also definitely still going to use it.


Yes, this place rocks. I could make it my new home-away-from-home if I didn’t have my dogs. Then again, they have a dog-friendly patio in back with picnic tables perfect for soaking up sun and sipping cocktails, so maybe living here is more possible than I think.

I hope to be back soon and I’m thinking that’s definitely in my future. Like, this week. I’ll have to come by on an evening to sample some cocktails and give it a whole different kind of love here.

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