Did I really just allow my life to be changed by a green juice?

The Green Collective’s Emerald juice.

Today is so weird. This WEEK is so weird. Yesterday was so busy and productive, yet this entire week I have been feeling nonstop jitters and overwhelming anxiety. What is in the air? Figures I said it was A-OK to skip my therapy session this week and wait until next … oof.

I had a kick for some pinot noir late last week and had the boy pick some up for me. Dreaming Tree (the one by Dave Matthews Band) and it is delicious. I’ve been having a glass or two a night though the more often I go without alcohol, the more I really feel the negative side effects when I do drink. C’est la vie. I prefer staying sharp. Maybe I’ll spit instead of swallow?


Yesterday, the productive day, I went to my first media event in what feels like forever. I’ve missed them so. Meeting ambitious entrepreneurs, sampling delicious foods, connecting with other writers, and feeding off all of that energy. It was great.

What’s better, after a BAD weekend of cheating on my (attempt at) healthy eating, this place I was previewing was the epitome of health. But health that actually tastes good. I’m talking cold-pressed, green detox juices, smoothie bowls, and vegan-and-gluten-free protein bites that look (and taste) like straight up cookie dough.

My spread included:
– A housemade almond and cashew milk latte (because I had, surprisingly, saved myself on caffeine until I arrived. Which I now realize was a dangerous risk driving half an hour unfueled).
– A sampling of aforementioned protein bites
– A toast flight (yes, a toast flight) that was out of this world tasty
– A bottle of green juice titled Emerald, with a ton of greens and some apple and mint.

Now, I am not a dieter, cleanser, detoxer, etc. But this juice. DAMN. This juice is good. It even felt healthy going down. But it was that kind of tasty where you can’t stop drinking it, too. Mind blowing. I am now saving up to buy myself a juicer. I wish I was kidding.

If uber-healthy foods can taste this good, well shit—we’ll all be looking like Jillian Michaels soon. I’m okay with that turnout. Of course, the occasional New York bagel or instant mac and cheese will still be allowed. It’s called balance.

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